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How to fix if Webroot Unable to Connect to Server

Webroot largely shows "unable to connect to the host" message if something inside the system installation blocks the link to your servers. Consequently, the activation procedure doesn't reach successfully. These situations are fairly rare and may be repaired by following a few basic techniques.


Webroot Secureanywhere problems are fairly concerning for those users as the whole safety of their operating system depends upon it. But this issue is readily solved by obeying the answers mentioned below. Be certain that you check whether you may log into a Webroot account after attempting each alternative described in the upcoming section.


Change the DNS Server Preferences


Now initially, attempt to change the DNS Server Preferences and see if the issue resolves for you or not. This is how you are able to conduct this particular solution.


  • Click on "Change Adapter Settings" then tap on the system on the web.
  • Click properties and again, click properties.
  • DNS server addresses" and then input the preferred and alternate DNS addresses concurrently.
  • Click OK and Close


Reinstall the Webroot Program


If the solutions don't work for you then it is time to begin afresh. Consider reinstalling. 

Webroot program by following the actions given below.

  • Press the two Windows + R Keys together concurrently and type inside the control box. Press Enter.
  • After the Programs and Attributes option in Control Panel appears to appear for Webroot and click on it. Now, Click the Uninstall option.
  • Click Reinstall after a wizard appears.

Wait around for a while until it becomes uninstalled and then choose to Restart my Computer".

  • On assessing, webroot will download. When it has finished successfully, click Install and wait patiently for it to finish.
  • Last, click Start Utilizing Webroot.

Check your Internet Connection


Oftentimes, the Issue can be connected to the online link itself and thus it's suggested to test it on your system. Proceed to the ideal side in the base of your display and assess whether your system is attached to it or not.


LAN users must connect the LAN Cable to the net while the wireless link customers must join a wireless network for your own system.


Adjust the Time and Date


Wrong date and time could be strongly accountable for the incidence of the issue and so it's required to correct it to acquire a simple fix. This is how you're able to do so.


  • Right-click at the time at the ideal side and bottom of this display.
  • When the window appears, Click Change option inside the Change time and data segment.
  • You may pick "Set time additionally you may enter time and date depending on your taste too.
  • After done press Change into Correct the time and date successfully.

Clear Browser Cache documents


Cache files are among the numerous Reasons why users can face these problems and thus it's very important to eliminate it. To clean Browser Cache documents out of Google. Chrome, follow the actions given below in precisely the exact same sequence as it's been mentioned.


  • Go into the Chrome menu and then Settings.
  • Today, go to the innovative Alternative. Find that the time range choice, go to the drop-down menu segment.
  • Click the All-time Choice and choose Cookies and Website data.
  • Cached pictures and documents and click Clear data.
  • Close to the browser and see if it corrects the mistake for you.

 Update Windows OS


If none of the answers work for You, then attempt to upgrade your Windows operating system by following these actions provided below. Now, choose "Check for Upgrades" to try to find any presently available upgrade document. Wait around for a while so the installation procedure completes successfully.


We expect the answers mentioned previously were useful for you to solve the "Webroot accounts unable to link to server" error readily